Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Advent Prayer

Loving God, Living Water

We are waiting in a season of pulsing lights, busy schedules and hurried days where the work of Christmas finds us wrapping and shopping, sending, and baking under the buzz of florescent lights rather than sinking deep into moonlight bathed sleep.  Our days are punctuated with buzzing alarms and honking horns, singing toys and obnoxious ring-tones, while commercials remind us of everything we want, no of everything we surly need.  

We are loosing our rhythm;  
Struggling to find the beat.  

Quite our souls, that we might hear anew creation’s tender pulsing heart 
renewed and reconnected in each deep deep breath.  
Prepare us for the possibilities to be birthed in our waiting.  
Calm our spirit that we might relax our selfish grasp and change our hurried pace; choosing new instruments 
and dancing your dance in this season of grace.  


Rev. Debra McKnight
Abbot, Urban Abbey